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Wrongful / Improper Burial
The death care business is notorious for price gouging and sleazy sales tactics. The complaints and actions filed against funeral parlors and cemeteries are not only by those living and paying for funerals and plots and having been "taken" but by the families of the deceased or the deceased's estate for "improper burial".

The industry is prone to horrific mistakes such as burying bodies in the wrong place, cremating the wrong person, stacking bodies for extra monies and siphoning funds intended to cover burials and graves.

The disposal of the dead is a ritual sacred to all cultures. Mortuaries, cemeteries and crematories are notoriously under regulated.

Cases against cemeteries, crematories, mortuaries and funeral homes where people did not get what they paid for differ from most breach of contract cases as unlike other contract cases, emotional damages are recoverable due to the highly emotional nature of the contract. Marcia B. McClure is known for handling cases of this nature, an area not usually litigated by many attorneys. She has done public speaking, articles and lectures on the subject.

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